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Maldive Arcipelago

Oceano Indiano

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A sud-ovest dello Sri Lanka, sull’equatore.
1190 isole coralline, che formano un arcipelago di 26 atolli principali. Si estendono per 820 chilometri da nord a sud e per 120 km. da est ad ovest. 202 isole sono abitate, 87 sono isole dedicate esclusivamente ai resort.
Generalmente caldo e umido. Il sole splende tutto l’anno. La temperatura media varia tra i 29 e i 32 gradi Celsius.
Southwest of Sri Lanka, on the equator.
1,190 coral islands, forming an archipelago of 26 major atolls. Stretches 820 kilometres north to south and 120 kilometres east to west. 202 are inhabited, 87 are exclusive resort islands.
Generally warm and humid. Sun shines all year through. Average temperature around 29 - 32 degrees Celsius.

Malé International Airport

Free 30 days Visa upon arrival for all visitors
No prior visa is required to enter the Republic of Maldives. Entry permit will be granted to visitors on arrival at designated ports of entry, based on the immigration requirements.

Visto di 30 giorni gratuito per tutti i visitatori al loro arrivo
Per entrare nella Repubblica delle Maldive non è necessario alcun visto richiesto in precedenza. Il permesso di ingresso è garantito a tutti gli stranieri al loro arrivo ai porti di ingresso designati, in base ai requisiti di immigrazione.

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Le Maldive offrono una grande varietà di spot adatti a tutte le esigenze, dovuto alla grande quantità di spot offerti dalle oltre mille isole dell'Arcipelago Maldiviano. Tutte raggiungibili in barca. Il surf non è comunque molto impegnativo eccetto nei periodi di grosse swell. E' indispensabile portarsi la propria tavola ed eventualemente un mini kit per riparazione. L'acqua è calda, quindi non è indispensabile la muta. The seductive beauty of its natural environment and reef surf marks Maldives as one of the international surfing destination. Compared to other countries the surf breaks are not crowded and the water temperature is warm which vary from 27 to 30 degrees Celsius throughout the year. There are two definite surf breaks in Maldives the Male Atoll which have a consistent breaks but the best season to surf is between April to October. And, by February until May the Southern Atoll breaks is the best timing for surfers. The biggest swell is experience during June and July raging into 4-8 feet. Surfers are advice to bring their own surf board because there are minimal shops either selling or renting these equipments. The water is warm so surfers usually prefer not to wear wetsuit hence, sunscreens with an SPF of 15 or higher is recommended plus the booties for coral protection.

MALDIVE By Boat - In Barca > Surf Description:
The breaks are very suitable to beginners to professional surfers. The best options to visit Maldives is live-aboard because you will have the flexibility to access all the surf breaks and pick up the best location, the desirable wave for your adventure. Plus its more cheaper than staying in a resort because all the price includes the food, accommodation, transportation and surf guides with additional recreational activities after the whole day surf like night fishing, island hoping with BBQ party etc. Maldives water is very safe, no report of shark attack or anything so far plus the cost guard 24 hours service. All safaris are equip with advance navigation equipments like radiotelephone, CB radio, GPS, radar and mobile phones.

Famous surf breaks in Male Atoll starting from North towards South

Located in Villingilimathi Huraa an inhabited island in the eastern reef of North Male Atoll.
Requires speed and perfect condition to be able access it. Long, excellent left hander that’s has two
section. A pleasant thin, peeling, racing lip. Best wind is NW-NNE.
Located in Thulusadhoo, Atoll Capital in eastern reef of North Male Atoll.
Best on mid to high tide in a straight south swell and winds NW. Needs short but intense ride because it
has a big wave tube spot. A steep barreling takeoff, then very shallow inside section that’s open up even
more than takeoff.
Located in Lohifushi Island resort in eastern reef of North Male Atoll.
Having two section, good and hollow left-hander and need big swells and high tides to surf well. Best on
offshore winds NW-NE.
Located at Knaifolhu Resort in eastern reef of North Male Atoll.
Very good for beginners and long boarders because its slow right-hander. Moderate swell with best wind
of W-NW.
Located at tari Village Resort in the eastern reef o f North Male Atoll
Perfect long left, which picks up more swell and more consistent break offering macaroni Bowl and
Lockjaws. Best wind NE-NW and best months are February to April which is accessible from the shore.
Located at inhabited island of Thamburudhoo in eastern ref of North Male Atoll.
One of the most consistent waves which never close even in the biggest swell. Excellent. Long world class
right –hander. Best wind W to N
Assorted wave that is accessible only during large swells.
Tomb Stone
Located at the inhabited island of Thumburudhoo adjacent to sultan’s break in eastern reef of North Male
Long, left-hander.Subsequently increasing in size as it wraps 90 degrees around the island. Best month to
surf is February to April in a wind of ENE-N.
Male Island Point
Located at Full Moon and Furana Island in the eastern reef of North male Atoll
Accessible only during large swells. Large, right-hander offshore winds S to W.
Located at male Capital in southern tip of North Male Atoll
Plenty of swells couple with shifting peaks. Best wind N and best during high tide.
Twin Peaks
Located in Miyaru Fur island of eastern reef of North male Atoll
Picks up swell more often the any other breaks in section left. Bets wind is N and the higher the tide the
Located at the unhabited Island of Gulhigaathuhuraa eastern reef of South Male atoll
Fast little right-handler but picks up less swell than any other breaks. Best wind W to NW.
Located at the unahbited Island of Boduhuraa in the eastern reef of South Male Atoll
Best wind NW to N and wave is small and short left.
Located in Kadooma resort of the eastern of North Male Atoll
Needs big swell to enable to surf with short right wave
Located in the inhabited island of Guraidhoo int eastern reef of South Male Atoll
Fast right-hander with small reef in the middle of the channel on the southern side. Best on W to SW

Famous breaks in Southern Atolls

A short fat ride on the takeoff and is the swell directions is right can link up with another section inside
where is produces a bit more speed and power, needs same wind and can be surf at all tide. Yet, please
note that plenty of marine life is around including whale sharks.
Right and very shallow hence can be surf only during high tide.
Blue Bowls or Voodoos
Right long wave not so hollow best during April.
Left with long walls but not so hollow and pickups more swells. Can be surf all tides
Booga reef
Left and right, a bombi in the middle of the channel best with W to NW wind.
Love charms
Left, great wave form takeoff to finish. Best in W to NW winds and can be surf at all tides.



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